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Plastic Toggle Bolts

Light style in white, designed with the size of 3-6,9-13,13-16,16-19 and 26-29 mm made from Polyamide in white to fix the light weight objects in hollow wall or cavity drywall substrate.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

  Plastic toggle wall anchors are  made of  high class reinforced nylon with sturdy and durable features and designed wings which are expanded behind the drywall to fix the objects providing light, heavy and butterfly types.

   It is one kind of plastic fixing anchor designed for paneling, wallboard, hollow wall or ceilling.The metal screw is used to be actuated.The toggle anchor is fully opened, locking it robust start switch anchor fully open, being locked in place and formed a super center load-bearing truss. The increased load acts on the support when the truss moves the load away from the hole against the screw, then against the wall. over center support and strong but flexible              Plastic composition provides high resistance to vibration and stresses from dynamics Load is the most common cause of bolt failure. Load expansion plaster on walls instead of wedging in. It effectively reduces the damage of drywall and loads.

nylon toggle suppliernylon toggle anchor sizes

Anchor Size mm Wing Length Plug Length
3-6  46  2.75
9-13 46 6.5
13-16 46 10.22
16-19 46 13.94
26-29 46 21.41

***The other special styles are available as samples and sketches supplied.

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