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   The steel rebar couplers are made of carbon steel or stainless steel, with circular and hexagonal shape. The inner threads can be tapped with metric, inch, RD or RB thread. It is widely used in the field of reinforced concrete construction. Splicing of steel rebar is always considered as an effective and economical splicing method. They can also be used together with other concrete fasteners to better perform the function of anchoring, fixing and connecting.

   In almost all reinforced concrete structures, reinforcement must be spliced. The length of reinforcement required may be longer than the stock length of steel, or the reinforcement may be too long for easy delivery. In either case, the steel erector must eventually splice two or more pieces of steel together. Lap splicing is an effective and economical splicing method, which requires two parallel rebars to lap. However, changes have taken place in recent years. With the deepening of research, the development of concrete, new materials and composite materials put forward higher requirements for design, forcing designers to consider the alternative of lap joint (i.e. mechanical rebar couplers).

   Mechanical rebar coupler is a mechanical connection between two sections of reinforcement, which makes the behavior of reinforcement similar to the continuous length of reinforcement. They end-to-end connection of reinforcement provides many advantages of continuous reinforcement. They are more reliable than lap joints because they do not rely on the concrete for load transfer. A range of mechanical rebar connectors ensures that a precise, reliable connection can be made faster and easier.

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