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Rock Climbing Hangers

Designed to used in outdoor sports field,rock-mountain climbing,caving,fire safe escape in high-rise building,made of the special strength alloy carbon steel or the stainless steel SS 304 or 316 materials, fixed and anchored by wedge expansion bolt in rock,stone,concrete substrate.The normal sizes are 3/8"-10 mm and 1/2"-12 mm, tested as CJ/T 476-2015 with the Tensile Strength 35-39 KN,
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Rock climbing hangers is made of heat-treated precision high-strength carbon steel or stainless steel. It is designed to fold into a symmetrical right angle to facilitate the climber's foot. The circular general aperture of 8 mm(3/8") and 12mm(1/2") is used to pass through the expansion bolt. The elliptical inner hole is used to hang the lock catch and iron ring. The edge is polished to avoid cutting the rope.

    It is widely used in indoor and outdoor rock climbing and exploration to provide safety for climbers.When in use, drill to the required depth, hammer the anchor into the hole through the round hole, and place the required hanger, washer and nut. Tighten the tapered end of the nut bolt into the metal ring to expand it to complete the installation. For the purpose of safety protection, it is recommended to drill deep holes, so that when the device is corroded in the future, it can be directly hammered into the rock, because the expansion bolt is a disposable product. The rock cannot be re bolted and re tightened so that the installation is not safe.

    It is safe to use and easy to install. These convenient devices can help climbers to be safe on the rocks outdoors. To use bolts and hangers, climbers first drill a hole in the rock surface and then prepare a bolt. These permanent protective devices will be placed on the rock surface for use by other climbers.

    Rock climbing bolts and hangers is an important equipment. Climbers use quick buckles to hold the clips in place to make them safer when climbing. The hanging piece should be used together with its suspension fixing device. As a pair of devices, it forms a perfect safety guarantee place.

rock climbing hangers installation

* They are made of the special strength alloy carbon steel strictly controlled heat treatment technology Or the stainless steel SS 304 or 316 materials.

* Performed and provided the test report issued china fastener authority testing institution of CCT for the samples and batch products as CJ/T 476-2015 with the Tensile Strength 35-39 KN.

* The normal sizes 10 mm(3/8")  and 12 mm(1/2") are available.

* The special sizes and styles are also available as the drawing or the samples supplied by customers.

* The surfact plating have zinc plated,HDG, dacromet coating.

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