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Self Drilling Plasterboard Fixings

To fix in the plasterboard and to fasten with screw by screwdriver or without screw required according to the various end style,made by PA-Nylon in grey or other color.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

   Self drilling plasterboard fixings are made from strenthened hardness polyamide(PA) Nylon with the stronger hardness and toughness than ordinary nylon and plastics materials features. During installation, No pre-drilling is required  for the single and softer plasterboard substrate. Needed to pre-drill a hole for the double or harder plasterboard panels.

    Because of the non-conductivity, Thye are widely used cable wire system installation projects. The various end styles  are according to the various usage substrate. Some are fastened with screw by screwdriver with expansion and fixage function, the others are no screw required only fixage application. The wonderful self-drilling design are realized a quick and easy installation operation for the users.

  They are ideal to fix the light or medium fixtures object applications .The special style or color are available according to the customers' inquiry.

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