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    Self drilling zinc drywall anchors belong to self drilling expansion anchor system.They are made of high-quality zinc alloy material and produced by die casting machine with advanced equipment and technology. The products are durable and have anti-corrosion and anti rust properties. 

    The external part adopts heavy self tapping threads and various sharp heads design, and the internal part is hollow anchor structure design. When installing, use a self tapping screw and tight it in the hollow body with a screwdriver. It has the characteristics of fast and simple installation, and is suitable for dry wall, gypsum board and light solid wall.

    Zinc alloy ez anchor is a kind of dry wall anchor which can be used in fragile base materials. It is usually composed of a cylindrical main body with a flange end at the head, a central part in the main body and a drilling end in the tail. These parts are formed on a common line and offset relative to each other along a plane passing through the diameter of the cylinder, and together they form a point. The center part and the flange end part have a combined axial length, and the drill end has an axial length shorter than the center part and the flange end.

    The self drilling drywall zinc anchor is designed for smooth and easy installation through the drywall. The sharp cutting edge reduces the force required to cut the material, making it a self drilling anchor without pre-drilling. The sharp profile thread goes deep into the hole to ensure maximum holding force and stability. The anchor bolt is made of zinc alloy material and galvanized surface. It is an ideal anchoring product widely used in dry wall substrate.

    Self tapping screws are required to provide strong support for the installation of ez drywall anchor, which is easier to start than other self drilling drywall anchors. Firstly, screw the zinc alloy ez anchor into the base course with a screwdriver, and then screw the screw through and tighten the mounting object with a screwdriver, and screw it into the central hole of it together until the screw head is flush with the installation object. At the same time, the product is easy to remove, and the operation can be completed by loosening the self tapping screw and ez wall anchor with a screwdriver.

self tapping drywall anchors

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