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Self Drive Plasterboard Fixings

Made from PA-Nylon in grey, head Dia.15 mm X Thread Dia.13 mm X Length 30 mm, designed to fix the objects in plasterboard substrate to fasten with screw to provide the expanding and fixing function during installation.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

        Self drive plasterboard fixings belong to self drilling anchor style. They are designed for fixing the light or medium duty loads and used in the plasterboard material substrate, They could be screwed into byscrewdriver. With the self driving helical thread biting into the plasterboard substrate for a secure fixing operation. 

        They have the special and excellent design, the self rotating thread can make it screw into the board without any holes in the single-layer plasterboard and other relatively soft fiberboard. Only after positioning, the surface of the gypsum board needs to be drilled with an attack hole with the same outer diameter as its end diameter, and no deep hole is needed. 

       The thin and firm lip is protruded out, so that after screwing into the board, the head can tightly adhere to the surface of the board to maintain a flat state. Specially, there are two straight-line slotting lines on the two sides of plug body. This is mainly to produce a huge anchoring force between the expansion and hole wall after the screw is screwed into the middle hole, so as to greatly strengthen the fixation strength and the firmness of installation. 

* Polyamide(PA) environmental protection materials with  good toughness, impact resistance, UV proof, 

  water proof, not broken.

* High expansion coefficient make a firm, accurate and efficient installation.

* Excellant design provide a quick and safe operation.

* Fasten with use of screws by the screwdriver tool. 

* Substrate: plasterboard, fibreboard ,insulation board.

The various end style, special size and color are available for the customers' demand.

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