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   Single Expansion are designed and used for the anchoring-fixing function in the concrete,masonry,brick or block substrate construction materiasl. to insert a machine threaded bolt into the anchor body and fasten to expand the Single Expansion Anchor against the masonry concrete at the single point. Being made from Zamac , a rust-proof materials which is bettter than the common zinc plating. and manufactured by the Zinc alloy die casting machine.

   They are available in diameters from 1/4" to 3/4" and the drilled hole according to the Dia. marked on the anchor body.  They comprise a cone nut, two heavy zamac shells buckled or a strong steel spring assembled together.

   The single expansion anchor is set flush with the base material and is considered a light to a medium duty anchor fasteners. 

We can make the new products according to the samples & sketches provided.Most of our products are exported abroad for good quality, competitive price and super-service.
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