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Single Expansion Shield Anchor

Made of zamac materials, supplied with 3/16" -1/2" sizes, plated yellow zinc plating,consisted of two expansion shields and a cone nut pre-assembled by the spring ring, used to anchor and fix the objects in concrete, masonry or brick substrate.
  • American Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Single expansion anchors are designed to anchor and hold the objects in concrete, brick or block base materials. A mechanical bolt is screwed into the anchor body after passing through the installation object, and the bolt is tightened to make the single expansion anchor expand relative to the concrete at a point, so that the cone nut expansion shield can realize the anchoring force.

    It is made of zinc alloy materials with anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance and environmental protection. Its performance is much better than that of carbon steel expansion bolt systems. When the single expansion anchor is installed, it is flush with the base material after being embedded in the pre-drilled hole. 

    The zinc alloy single expansion shield anchor is suitable for the ideal anchoring fastener from the light to the medium loading. It is widely used in concrete, brick and block base materials, and even can be used for soft masonry with poor strength and light and slightly loose base materials. The mechanical bolt is used for expansion single expansion anchor, which can be removed and replaced without affecting the fixed value of the anchor. However, the expansion anchor body can only be used once.

    Use a hammer drill and a properly sized carbide drill bit to drill a hole in the base material to suit the anchor used. The required bit size depends on the external diameter of the anchor body and the quality of the base course. Remove debris and debris from the hole, insert a single expansion anchor into the hole, and tap the fastener with a hammer to ensure it is flush with the substrate.

     Install the fixtures on a single expansion anchor, insert the appropriate size machine bolt/screw through the fixtures, insert the anchor body, and tighten the bolt to produce expansion effect to complete the installation.

single expansion anchor concrete installation

Anchor Size Inch   Dia. Inch   Shields Length mm
3/16 3/8 33
1/4 1/2 38
1/2 38
5/8 45.4
1/2 7/8 62.8

*The special style and size are available

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