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Stainless Steel Spring Nuts

Made of stainless steel 304- 316 materials, with the nut size Length 34.5 mm X Width 19.0 mm X various Thickness and the spring size 38-40 mm for long spring style, 18-20 mm for short spring style, without spring for non-spring style.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Stainless steel channel nuts is made of the 304 or 316 stainless steel, which is made of cold stamping. It consists of a stainless steel nut with an internal thread punched in the middle and a stainless steel spring clamped on one side of the nut. Due to the characteristics of stainless steel, stainless steel channel nut has higher bearing capacity, stronger tensile strength and better anti rust and anti-corrosion functions than spring steel nuts. They are widely used in places with special environmental factors and requirements of special use places.

    The specification and size of the stainless steel strut channel nut is consistent with that of the steel spring nut. The length size is 34.5 mm X 19.0 mm width. When the size is larger than M12, the width is 30mm. The thickness varies according to different size specifications. The length of the long spring type is 38-40mm, the length of the short spring type is 18-20mm, and the non spring type has no spring. Special size nuts and springs can be customized to attach fittings to the strut. The unsupported nut is available in a variety of hole sizes and can accept various sizes of hexagon head cap screws (hexagon bolts). There are even spring nuts with built-in bolts.They are called stainless steel strut channel nuts and they make the assembly process very fast and efficient.

    Stainless steel pring nuts also have serrated grooves on one side to help you align them correctly in the groove track and hold them firmly in place during and after tightening.The stainless steel spring nut is an integral self-locking nut, which is fixed with screws to prevent loosening due to vibration. The utility model is applicable to the installation and fixation of fixed frame channel steel, profile combination, channel steel structure and pipeline system.

    Stainless steel strut spring nuts are designed to provide pull-out and side slip resistance in excess of the full strength of the channel steel used. The spaced serrated groove texture is designed to produce wedging effects that increase with pressure or load. When installing the channel steel, insert the stainless steel spring nut into any position of the length of the channel steel, connect the accessories, combine the other channel steel into 90 ° rotation and tighten the bolt.

stainless steel spring nuts

Item Code Thread Size       (mm)  Width  (mm) Length (mm) Thickness     (mm)
SPNTN-06 M6 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-08 M8 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-08 M8 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-10 M10 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-10 M10 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-12 M12 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-12 M12 19 34.5 11.8
SPNTN-16 M16 30 34.5 11
SPNTN-20 M20 30 34.5 11
Item Code Thread Size  (Inch) Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness     (mm)
SPNTN-140 1/4" 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-516 5/16" 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-516 5/16" 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-380 3/8" 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-380 3/8" 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-120 1/2" 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-120 1/2" 19 34.5 11.8
SPNTN-580 5/8" 30 34.5 11
SPNTN-340 3/4" 30 34.5 11

**The Special sizes and styles are available.

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