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Stainless Steel Wedge Anchor Bolts

Stainless Steel Wedge Anchor Bolts are made by SS 304 or SS 316 stainless steel materials with stronger tensile strength and rust proof features than the carbon steel materials and normal zinc plating.The expanded clip is also made by SS 304 / SS 316 material.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Wedge anchors are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. SS wedge anchors are made of stainless steel materials. Because of its different material properties, it is used in different places. The standard galvanized carbon steel wedge anchor bolt is used for ordinary indoor and outdoor installation environment, the hot-dip galvanized wedge bolt is used for outdoor application with moisture, Dacromet surface spraying treatment and SS304 stainless steel wedge bolt are suitable for wet environment, in which the anchor rod may be submerged in water. 316 stainless steel wedge bolt is suitable for seawater or chlorine and other immersion liquid invasion environment or places with special high-level requirements.

    Stainless steel wedge anchors shall be installed in solid concrete and shall not be used in other soft and hollow substrates. The wedge anchor bolt is designed to enter the concrete hole permanently, can be replaced and can only be used once. One end of the tapered wedge anchor body rod without external thread pattern is tightly surrounded by an stainless steel expansion clip, which is the key design to realize the expansion function. When wedge anchor is installed in concrete, a hole must be drilled in the concrete in advance according to the external diameter of anchorage and the nature of concrete. The tolerance between the installation hole size and the outside diameter of wedge anchor is very important for wedge anchor to maintain its expansion strength.

    Insert into the concrete hole, after the stainless steel anchor rod body passes through the installation hole of the installation object, cover the installation hole of the object with the flat washer, and turn the nut clockwise with a tool. This action will pull up the anchor body, so that the expanding clip  will slide down along the conical working end of the ss wedge anchor, and produce friction between the lower end of the anchorage and the tunnel wall, so that the stainless steel expanding clip will gradually expand and wedge into the anchor body and concrete.

    Once the hole in the concrete is drilled, the ss wedge anchors can be inserted into the hole. Turn a nut to the threaded end of the wedge holder to protect the thread when hammering. First, insert one end of the wedge-shaped fastener band (expansion clip) into the hole. Tap the nut end of the wedge anchor bolt with a hammer until it is inserted into the appropriate depth below the concrete surface, and tighten the nut by hand first. Then, use the wrench tool to turn and tighten the nut until the correct torque value of the ss wedge anchor diameter used is reached.

ss wedge anchors

Item Code Anchor size (mm)
Item Code Anchor size (Inch)
WAM-06040 M6x40 WA-14134 1/4x1-3/4
WAM-06055 M6x55 WA-14214 1/4x2-1/4
WAM-06070 M6x70 WA-14300 1/4x3
WAM-06095 M6x95 WA-38214 3/8x2-1/4
WAM-08050 M8x50 WA-38234 3/8x2-3/4
WAM-08065 M8x65 WA-38300 3/8x3
WAM-08080 M8x80 WA-38334 3/8x3-3/4
WAM-08095 M8x95 WA-38500 3/8x5
WAM-080105 M8x105 WA-12234 1/2x2-3/4
WAM-080120 M8x120 WA-12334 1/2x3-3/4
WAM-080165 M8x165 WA-12414 1/2x4-1/4
WAM-080220 M8x220 WA-12512 1/2x5-1/2
WAM-10065 M10x65 WA-12700 1/2x7
WAM-10080 M10x80 WA-58312 5/8x3-1/2
WAM-10095 M10x95 WA-58500 5/8x5
WAM-10115 M10x115 WA-58600 5/8x6
WAM-10120 M10x120 WA-58700 5/8x7
WAM-10130 M10x130 WA-58812 5/8x8-1/2
WAM-12080 M12x80 WA-34400 3/4x4
WAM-12100 M12x100 WA-34500 3/4x5
WAM-12120 M12x120 WA-34700 3/4x7
WAM-12080 M12x80 WA-34812 3/4x8-1/2
WAM-12100 M12x100 WA-34100 3/4x10
WAM-12120 M12x120 WA-78600 7/8x6
WAM-12135 M12x135 WA-78800 7/8x8
WAM-12150 M12x150 WA-78100 7/8x10
WAM-16105 M16x105 WA-16000 1x6
WAM-16140 M16x140 WA-19000 1x9
WAM-16180 M16x180 WA-11200 1x12
WAM-20125 M20x125

WAM-20160 M20x160

WAM-20200 M20x200

WAM-20300 M20x300

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