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    The working function mechanism of Steel Expansion Anchors the systems are threaded stud, stamped sleeve tube, shells, or wedge bolt assembled which is achieved by a tapered cone nut, nail, screw ,threaded stud or bolt depending on the used styles of expansion anchors. The compression power of the expansion system against the wall drilled hole the anchor to transfer the load to the basis material. 

    The expansion anchors are mainly produced by the steel, stainless steel, nylon, zinc alloy materials. The Anchors are expanded to fix the objects in the concrete, masonry, brick, stone or the solid wall substrate by fastening a bolt or nut are considered to be torque controlled while those that are actuated by driving a nail or plug are considered to be deformation controlled. A deformation controlled anchor can develop a higher initial compression force when compared to a torque controlled anchor. Compression anchors may also be pre-expanded and/or used in conjunction with a drive nail. The expansion mechanism on anchor of this style is achieved as it is compressed during the driving operation into the drilled hole. 

   Stainless steel expansion anchor or SS anchor bolt is an ideal corrosion-resistant material that will withstand long-term exposure to the environment, especially saline. Some expansion anchors should only be installed in concrete that is solid and should never be used in light weight or hollow materials, such as block or brick. The stainless steel used in the anchors has the innate ability to form a protective surface that prevents corrosion. However, it is susceptible to corrosion from chloride solutions, i.e. saline environments with high amounts of sodium chloride. If this is the case, then stainless steel 316 might be acceptable or could consider to plate by hot dipped galvanized or by dacromet coating on the surface of anchor body.

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