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Three uses of anchor bolts

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The three major uses of anchor bolts are Q235 steel, which is round. Rebar (Q345) has high strength, and it is not easy to make a nut thread. For light round anchor bolts, the burial depth is generally 25 times its diameter

1. The fixed anchor bolt is also called short anchor bolt. It is poured with the foundation to fix the equipment without strong vibration and impact.

2. The movable anchor bolt, also known as the long anchor bolt, is a detachable anchor bolt used for fixing heavy mechanical equipment with strong vibration and impact.

3. Expansion anchor anchor bolts are often used to fix simple equipment or auxiliary equipment at rest. The installation of expansion anchor bolts should meet the following requirements: the distance from the center of the bolt to the edge of the foundation is not less than 7 times the diameter of the expansion anchor bolts; the foundation strength of the installation anchor bolts should not be less than 10MPa; there should be no cracks in the drilled hole, pay attention to prevent The drill bit collides with the reinforcing steel and buried pipe in the foundation; the diameter and depth of the drill hole should match the anchor bolt

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