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Two Shield Heavy Duty Anchor Hook Bolt

Two shield heavy duty anchor with hook bolt is consisted of two heavy duty steel shells and the conical nut inserted and fixed with the hook bolt and washer and is pulled into the anchor shells to expand it when tightening the hook bolt head or the hex nut.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

   Two shield heavy duty anchor  with hook  bolt is plated zinc plating,consisted of two heavy duty steel shells and assembled with expanded conical nut. The two side flaps prevent rotation of the anchor during the installation.a plastic cap inserted in the threaded cone nut is designed for protecting from dust. The center of the parts is ensured by a red plastic bushing located on the anchor collar.

   Mostly made from carbon steel  and maade as the Metric, Inch threads standard from diameter M6-1/4"  to M16-5/8" for the special size and the  style are available according to sketch and sample.
   The zinc plating,HDG or Dacromet are available as the customers' request. Expansion shell anchor is used in the concrete or masonry place,construction building site to fix and fasten the objects safely and widely.

rawl bolt shield anchor
Two Shields Heavy Duty Anchor Only

  Item  Code Anchor Body Size
  Anchor       Length         (mm) Drill Dia.
Drill  Depth
2PA06 M6 (1/4) 45 12 50
2PA08 M8 (5/16) 50 14 55
2PA10 M10 (3/8) 60 16 60
2PA12 M12 (1/2) 70 20 80
2PA16 M16 (5/8) 95 24 105

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