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Use and installation steps of steel anchor bolts

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     Steel anchor bolt use guide

     When using, you must first drill holes of the corresponding size on the fixed body with an electric impact drill (hammer), and then install the bolts and expansion tubes into the holes, and tighten the nuts to make the bolts, expansion tubes, mounting parts and the fixed body Swell and become one body.

After tightening, it will expand. There is a big head at the end of the bolt. The bolt is covered with a round tube slightly larger than the diameter of the bolt. There are several openings in the tail part. When the bolt is tightened, the tail of the big head is brought into the open tube. Make the pipe bigger to achieve the purpose of expansion, and then fix the bolt on the ground or wall to achieve the purpose of rooting

    installation steps

    Choose an alloy drill bit that matches the outer diameter of the inner steel anchor bolt, then drill the hole according to the length of the inner expansion bolt, drill the hole as deep as you need for installation, and then clean the hole. 2. Install the flat washer, spring washer and nut, screw the nut to the bolt and the end to protect the thread, and then insert the inner expansion bolt into the hole. 3. Twist the wrench until the washer and the surface of the fixed object are flush. If there is no special requirement, usually tighten it by hand and then use the wrench for three to five turns

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