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Wall Insulation Fixings

Supply with insulation plugs made of metal and plastic materials and providing the completed size and used in the external or internal wall of concrete,brick or solid wall substrate to anchor and fix the insulation board.
  • Metric Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

    External wall insulation fixings are ideal for safe fixing of temperature resistant insulation, such as polystyrene board, kapok light board and polyurethane board in concrete, solid and porous brick. According to the use place and different insulation board characteristics, there are plastic insulation fixings and metal insulation fixings. For the installation and fixation of flexible insulation board, plastic insulation fixings can be selected, while for the rigid insulation board, metal insulation fixings can be selected. 

   Two types of products, in use, need to pre drill a installation hole to insert insulation nails. When solid construction materials are used, the fixings must be shortened at the point of cone break. Including white plug body with connecting plate and glass fiber reinforced plastic nail. Use a hammer to insert the nail or the whole. This saves time and money. glass fiber reinforced plastic nail reduces heat conduction and prevents traces on plaster surface.

     Insulation fixation is an ideal choice for fixing the pressure resistant insulation layer of gypsum board facade safely. The bottoming fixing piece comprises a gray plug sleeve with an additional preformed gonad plate and a steel plastic nail. The insulating fixings are fixed with a hammer. Innovative plastic nails with steel points support high loads.

* Advantages of expansion insulated fixing anchor.

* Quick and simple installation of hammer head group saves work

* No additional screws or nails. Application of fire protection expansion insulation fixed pin.

* Fix by hand with a traditional hammer. The anchor has a wide integral washer type fixed head, which makes it fast and easy to fix, and have a solid or hollow plug body structure.

* The materials are the plasic PP, the steel, the galvanized sheet or stainless steel material.

plastic insulation fixings usage

 Anchor Size mm  Plug Dia. mm Plug Length mm Drill Dia. mm
8 X 50 8 50 8
8 X 70 8 70 8
8 X 80 8 80 8
8 X 90 8 90 8
8 X 110 8 110 8
8 X 130 8 130 8

 Anchor Size mm Thickness mm  Anchor Dia. mm Anchor Length mm Drill Dia. mm
8 X 50 0.7 8 50 8
8 X 60 0.7 8 60 8
8 X 80 0.7 8 80 8
8 X 90 0.7 8 90 8
8 X 110 0.7 8 110 8
8 X 140 0.7 8 140 8
8 X 170 0.7 8 170 8
8 X 200 0.7 8 200 8
8 X 230 0.7 8 230 8
8 X 250 0.7 8 250 8
8 X 300 0.7 8 300 8

**The various material used to produce and completed specification are available as customers' demand.

**The other size and special style are also available.

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