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Wedge Anchor Dacromet Coating Single Clip

The surface by the dacromet coating is better than the zinc plating and the HDG . The materials used to produce is the carbon steel or the stainless steel for the anchor body or the Clip according to the customers' requests.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Wedge anchor bolt or through bolt  is a heavy mechanical expansion anchor designed to install  objects in solid concrete base or grouted masonry. One end of the anchor body is externally threaded and pre assembled with nut and washer.The anchor body is made of carbon steel or stainless steel with an expansion clamp. 

    During installation, after the anchor body is driven into the pre drilled hole with the same diameter as the anchor body, the nut is tightened to the required torque value to set the anchor to obtain the best anchoring performance. The head of one end of the anchor body with external thread is higher than external threads pattern. One is to protect the external threads pattern when hammering the head of the anchor body into the pre drilled hole; the other is to identify the length of the wedge anchor bolt, so that an English letter representing the length can be printed on the head. This identification letter can be seen on the top of the anchor to determine the length of the anchor after installation. 

     It provides a safe anchorage solution and ideal choice for the installation objects in concrete. When installed in pre drilled holes in concrete and tightened, wedge anchors expand and anchor the installation. Metric and English specifications, various diameters and lengths are available to accommodate a variety of concrete fastening applications.

through bolts

 * carbon steel and stainless steel,  zinc galvanized, hot dipped galvanized or dacromet coating.

 * Suitable for anchoring objects in solid or grouted concrete masonry substrate.

 * A safe expansion anchor body is formed when the expansion clamp expands during installation.

The one-piece grip ensures uniform holding capacity, which increases with the tension applied as the nut is tightened. Most of the anchoring objects used in pouring concrete are mechanical expansion anchors. Wedge anchors provide a simple and fast installation operation, drilling, cleaning hole dust, anchoring and fastening. 

    The diameter of the borehole is the same as that of the wedge anchor. For example, for a dia. 12mm wedge anchor, you will use a 12mm  bit. The drilling depth is at least 12 mm higher than the expected depth. If you want, you can drill all the way to the board, in which case, if you want to remove the anchor, you can remove the nut and hit the base surface hard. It is designed for the application of cast concrete rather than hollow base. The drill bit matches the diameter of the anchor. Drill 12mm at the required embedment. Install in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations, usually drilling, cleaning, hammering and tightening to recommended torque. Minimum embedment guidelines should also be followed. 

    The conventional surface treatment is zinc galvanizing, and mechanical galvanizing and stainless steel wedge anchors are also available. Wedge anchors can be installed by means of clamps. Assemble the nut and washer until the nut is flush with the top of the anchor and insert into the pre drilled hole. Hammer the anchor bolt into the hole until the washer is flush with the surface of the fixture. Tighten the nut to allow the anchor bolt to expand. Good shear value. Stainless steel wedge anchors are corrosion resistant and are ideal for applications requiring chemical resistance. Stainless steel has a slight magnetism.

     The design of the concrete wedge anchor allows it to hold the fixture in the concrete. Concrete wedge anchors can be used for many applications if the foundation material is solid concrete. Unlike many other concrete fasteners, wedge anchors cannot be used for bricks or blocks. Wedge anchor bolts work mainly by inserting holes into the concrete. The wedge anchor is then expanded to wedge itself firmly into the concrete wedge. The anchorage consists of two independent components, which are permanently pre assembled into a unit. The first one is a carbon steel rod, the length of the threaded part. The other end / installed end of the expansion anchor has a necking diameter or conical space that tapers outward gradually back to the full end diameter of the rod. The second part of the concrete wedge anchor is a steel slip or sleeve that is permanently assembled around the tapered part of the rod. Each wedge anchor also requires a nut and washer to complete the installation.

wedge anchor bolts

Item Code Anchor size (mm)
Item Code Anchor size (Inch)
WAM-06040 M6x40 WA-14134 1/4x1-3/4
WAM-06055 M6x55 WA-14214 1/4x2-1/4
WAM-06070 M6x70 WA-14300 1/4x3
WAM-06095 M6x95 WA-38214 3/8x2-1/4
WAM-08050 M8x50 WA-38234 3/8x2-3/4
WAM-08065 M8x65 WA-38300 3/8x3
WAM-08080 M8x80 WA-38334 3/8x3-3/4
WAM-08095 M8x95 WA-38500 3/8x5
WAM-080105 M8x105 WA-12234 1/2x2-3/4
WAM-080120 M8x120 WA-12334 1/2x3-3/4
WAM-080165 M8x165 WA-12414 1/2x4-1/4
WAM-080220 M8x220 WA-12512 1/2x5-1/2
WAM-10065 M10x65 WA-12700 1/2x7
WAM-10080 M10x80 WA-58312 5/8x3-1/2
WAM-10095 M10x95 WA-58500 5/8x5
WAM-10115 M10x115 WA-58600 5/8x6
WAM-10120 M10x120 WA-58700 5/8x7
WAM-10130 M10x130 WA-58812 5/8x8-1/2
WAM-12080 M12x80 WA-34400 3/4x4
WAM-12100 M12x100 WA-34500 3/4x5
WAM-12120 M12x120 WA-34700 3/4x7
WAM-12080 M12x80 WA-34812 3/4x8-1/2
WAM-12100 M12x100 WA-34100 3/4x10
WAM-12120 M12x120 WA-78600 7/8x6
WAM-12135 M12x135 WA-78800 7/8x8
WAM-12150 M12x150 WA-78100 7/8x10
WAM-16105 M16x105 WA-16000 1x6
WAM-16140 M16x140 WA-19000 1x9
WAM-16180 M16x180 WA-11200 1x12
WAM-20125 M20x125

WAM-20160 M20x160

WAM-20200 M20x200

WAM-20300 M20x300

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