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Weldable Rebar Couplers

The end is solid used to weld,another end is tapped internal threads used to fasten the straight outernal threaded steel rebar or threaded rod to be connected and welded in the reinforced concrete structure site.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    The weldable rebar couplers provide a convenient method for connecting rebars to structural steel plates or profiles. One end is hollow structure tapping internal thread for fastening external thread of steel bar, the other end is solid structure for preparing welding to steel structure position.

   Internal threaded weld studs is well known as one kind of weldable rebar couplers with straight tube and internal thread. This is a taper free internal straight thread style. The rebars will be replaced by deformed steel bars, which are higher grade steel than ordinary steel bars. These studs can be welded with a stud welder. This makes the welding speed in the factory faster than the penetration welding speed required by other types of weldable couplers. 

 According to its design, has automatic full welding function. The disadvantage is that the straight-line external thread needs more installation time, and the internal thread does not taper, so it needs to constantly twist the fastening reinforcement until it reaches the solid bottom of the stud. However, the load conditions at the connection must be determined by the designer responsible for the structural element, with the type and size of welding required. weldable couplers provide a quick and easy solution for connecting steel bars to structural steel sections or plates. Other important considerations are the type of electrode to be used, which must match the performance of the plate and tube, as well as the field conditions under which welding is to be performed. 

weldable rebar coupler sizethreaded weld studs installation

* The special style and size are available as the sketches and samples supplied.

    Size mm   d mm    L  mm      D mm
M10 X 40 10 40 14
M12 X 50 12 50 16
M14 X 60 14 60 18
M16 X 70 16 70 21
M18 X 80 18 80 24
M20 X 85 20 85 28
M24 X 90 24 90 32
M30 X 105 30 105 40

** The tapping internal Metric,Inch, RD and RB thread styles are available as customer's requires.

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