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Why Can't The Steel Drop In Anchor Tilt When Installing

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If the Steel Drop In Anchor are not installed vertically, they will definitely cause deviations in the bolt installation coordinates and cause certain difficulties in installation. If the base of the bolt hole is too thick, it may even be impossible to carry out the installation. Because the bolt is not vertical, its ability to bear external forces is reduced. In contrast, under pressure, the capacity of the anchor bolts is reduced, and it is more likely to be damaged or broken.

In addition, the effect of the leveling component will make the motor shaft rotate in the leveling direction, so it is not easy to fix the machinery and equipment. Sometimes the installed machinery and equipment will be changed due to the effect of this kind of force before the second grouting, which will lead to repairs or safety accidents.

Because there is a horizontal component force, once it encounters an external force, it will always cause deviations in the aligned machinery and equipment. This is not allowable. Therefore, when installing the anchor bolts, they must be installed vertically to prevent skewing. During the whole installation process, the relative engineering construction records should be kept in detail to truly reflect the types, specifications, specifications, etc. of the anchor bolts, and to show reasonable technical documents for future maintenance and replacement.

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