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Yellow Cable Markers

It is made from the plastic PVC environmental protection materials passing RoHS certification in orange or yellow, used to show the markings, notices and identification with the printing or marking pen onto the surface of them widely used in the cable installation or maintenance industry.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

    Yellow cable markers have the good function of fire resistance and hydrolysis resistance, preventing from acid or poisonous gas  when the cable network system exposed to potential risks besides UV light, flame or water.These high quality tearing proof cable markers also have high stable printing feature are idealful for usage in marking onto your cables for a long time. Cable marking as well known is vital  to ensure your cable identification in a wide spectrum of industries. This type of cable marker, the Yellow Cable Tag is commonly chosen due to it's flexibility to cover a range of applications that meet not only legibility but also durability require.

   They are made by the PVC Environmental Protection materials conforming tothe  RoHS certificate standard. Thye are  in orange(yellow), red and white, etc. To print or write by marking pen onto the surface and tie with multi cable line or the cable bunches during installation. The existing size is 100 mm Length X 25 mm Width X 1.3 mm Thickness. As the cable accessories manufacturer,  We are also able to produce the special sizes and styles as the customers' samples and the drawings.  

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