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   Zinc alloy anchor product systems possess the application function of being hold firmly in concrete, masonry, stone, and brick substrate site, depending on the expansive action when being installed into the materials, so then tightly fix the objects in the working place.

   Zinc alloy expansion anchor belongs to one type of expansion anchors, It comprises a tubular shield and a cone nut and pre-assembles together with a strong spring band or zamac anchor body pre-assembles other fasteners for expanding when using.

   the convex shapes on the cone nut prevent the anchor body turning or moving in the hole during expansion. They are made from the superior zamac materials, The rust-proof and anti-corrosion feature are better than the common zinc plating.widely used for expanding and fixing in light- medium-duty masonry , concrete, block and brick place. especially designed the expansion action at double ends distributes the tensile strength load the whole length of the anchor. This type is designed and used the place where the bolt is suitable for side pressure or vibration.

Installation guide

  • 1.     Drilling a hole with a hammer drill and a carbide tipped bit according to the diameter of the anchor diameter sizes description, the drilling deepth equal to, or slightly deeper than the length of the expansion body.

  • 2.     Clear debris in the hole.

  • 3.     Insert the expansion anchor body into the drilled hole. The top end of the anchor body should be slightly below the surface of the substrate.

  • 4.     Put the object to be fix over the anchor in the base material and bolt in to place. The bolt should completely engage the threads of the anchor

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