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Zinc Speed Anchor

Tower style head, designed with the sizes of 13 X 31 mm and 14 X 38 mm, made of zinc alloy materials and used for anchoring and fixing the fixtures objects in plasterboard, masonry drywall, fiberboard substrate.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    In the self drilling expansion screw system used for drywall anchoring and fixing, zinc speed anchor is widely used in the anchoring-fixing requirements of gypsum board, dry wall and particleboard base due to its excellent design and material performance. The product is made of high-quality zinc alloy material without harmful metals, and is produced by one-time molding of zinc alloy die-casting machine.

    The protruding flange head design can closely fit the surface of the installation object and keep the installation plane flat. The inner body structure is hollow structure, which is convenient for self tapping screw to screw into the body quickly to ensure the firm fastening of the installation objects. The middle part of the outer body adopts the thick and sharp self tapping thread pattern, which can drill into the basic structure conveniently, quickly and firmly, and provide strong load for the installation and bearing.The various types of sharp heads enable the zinc alloy dry wall self tapping anchor device to accurately locate and quickly drill in, and complete the fast and safe installation operation without turning an installation pilot hole in advance.

    Zinc speed anchor can be easily installed on the base structure of dry wall, and can be installed normally in case of nails and other obstacles. The high-quality zinc alloy materials used have no harmful elements, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, moisture resistance, rust resistance, environmental protection and other properties. They are very suitable for indoor installation and application of hanging blinds, photo frames, mirrors and bathroom accessories. It can bear 25 kg load in 12mm dry wall.

    Unlike other expansion bolts, They do not need to be pre drilled before installation, and can be easily installed anywhere in the drywall with a screwdriver. The tip penetrates the wood panel so that the required anchor point does not fall on the top of the nail and will not break if it hits the nail. Zinc speed anchor is an ideal choice for the hollow door and dry wall for anchoring and fixing.


Used in plasterboard, drywall, light solid wall, chipboards,particleboard.

* Feature

-  Do not drill a hole needed.

-  Temperature, corrosion and moisture resistance.

- Stronger weight loading than nylon drywall anchor.

-  Be removed and replaced easily.

-  Save installing time and cost.

 - Supply with various head styles.

zinc speed anchorspeed anchor installing

The Head Dia. mm The Length mm  Head Style
13 31     Tower
14 38     Tower

*The special style and size are available according to sketches or samples supplied.

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