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Anchor Bolts
What is an Anchor Bolt
An anchor bolt is a solid fastener used to affix objects like plates to concrete buildings. There are several types of steel anchor bolt. Anchor bolts have a threaded end. To this, a nut and washer is attached so that it can lift heavy loads. Anchor bolts are used extensively in things like buildings and dams. They are, primarily, used to tightly fasten embed plates to a concrete element or structure.

Types of Bolts

● Cast-In-Place Anchor Bolt
The cast-in-place anchor bolt is the most primary type of steel anchor bolt. The cast-in-place anchor bolt is made up of a standard bolt with a hexagonal head. The bolt is fit into the concrete before it sets. There are variations in the bolt designs. Some bolts have a bent bolt with a hook at the end and some are bent in complex shapes based on the requirement. Cast-in-place anchor bolts are the sturdiest type of such bolts. A minor concern is that the casting is not easy. They are typically used for heavy machinery that is set in concrete bases. The anchor bolt is also used to attach the concrete floor of a building to its wall to safeguard it from earthquakes.

 Other Types of Anchor Bolts

There are other bolts used after concrete is set, namely, epoxy and mechanical bolts. Epoxy bolts are stronger than mechanical bolts but are the most difficult to install. This is due to fact that epoxy has to be mixed in the specified ratio, the hole must be very clean, and time required for setting is to be monitored. It is a very demanding and time-taking process. A concrete screw is another type of anchor bolt.

 In Highway projects

Huge anchor bolts, in highway projects, are used to bear steel beams, trusses, girders and hefty road signs. These anchor bolts are used to anchor these elements and support them against strong winds. Endurance limit of the bolts is considerably lesser than manufactured strength.

 In Towers

Bulky anchor bolts are also used to keep down power transmission towers and in radio tower reaction blocks.

 In Nuclear Industry

The nuclear energy industry utilizes steel anchor bolts in several ways. It used to hold the reactors and fix them to the bases.

 For Storage Tanks

Large anchor bolts known as “tie-downs”, are used to hold down huge water storage tanks. They are used to handle wind loads.

 In Mining and Foundations

Anchor bolts that are used in mining are known as rock anchors. A part of the anchor is attached to rock or concrete by cement grout, resin, or fixed by a mechanical anchor. The upper part of its length is left un-attached, but is fixed later to provide resistance against corrosion. Anchor bolts are used in retaining walls, tunnels, mines, stabilizing slopes, and provide protection from rock fall.


Variety of Options
The steel anchor bolt is made from zinc and stainless or carbon steel which makes it extremely durable. It is made of two pieces that are attached together and make a strong hold. They possess resistance to rust and can endure all types of extreme weather. Anchor bolts do not become loose or come out of their place and hold tremendously well.

Some types of anchor bolts can be pre-installed and hence are easy to use. All one has to do is fix it into the hole and the one by one affix the remaining pieces.

● Sturdy Material

There are several types of anchor bolts and are used extensively in different projects. As they are available in different sizes as well as heavy and light duty they have a wide range of uses. There is an anchor bolt for every type of requirement.

Easy to Use



The anchor bolt finds a variety of applications in construction. It may have a few setbacks but it, nevertheless, is still one of the best bolts to be utilized. We are a professional anchor bolt manufacturer in China, producing and exporting Steel Expansion Anchors according to the demand and the inquiry of foreign customers.


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