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Cable Installation Parts
What Is Cable Installation Parts
Cable installation accessories are used to provide high-quality, high-performance, safe, reliable, fast and convenient fixing, connection, protection and installation of corresponding cables and cable system devices. When installing cable lines, especially when cables need to pass through some very narrow spaces, cable installation accessories can help to complete and solve the construction and installation process of cable transportation, cable traction and fixed installation in these hard to reach places providing the purpose of cable connection, grounding, identification, warning, protection and fixing.
Function Of Cable Installation Parts

Most of cable installation accessories are made of high-quality environmental plastic and metal raw materials, which are suitable for various temperature conditions, surrounding environment, weight load and tightening strength

With the development of science and technology and telecommunication and network (Internet) technology, cable accessories products and production technology have been constantly developed and improved to adapt to the development of technology.

With the development of customers’ demands, higher reliability, simpler and faster installation, less material inventory and better environmental protection cable installation pars are required and used for coaxial cable, telecommunication cable, data cable, digital optical fiber cable and low voltage cable, etc. As cable accessories manufacturer, we provide cable wall bushing for single and dual cable line, coaxial cable marker label, cable riser guard, cable P clip, pin nail plug for cable clips, nylon wall plug, nylon plasterboard fixings, nylon wall bushings, cable padlock seal, etc. The improvement of the supply chain of modern accessories production technology, the continuous development of material technology, the multi-function and maturity of products and the long-term successful field installation and construction experience ensure the continuous improvement of cable installation accessories industry. A large part of telecommunication and network failures are interconnected. Due to improper preparation of cables or incorrect installation of accessories, accessory failure components are caused.

Features of cable installation parts

• It is easy to choose, and provides various types and sizes of cable installation accessories, suitable for a variety of cable size and installation requirements and design changes of new products.

• It is easy to manage and made of different materials, suitable for different cable installation requirements and use places.
• It is easier to install. The products are designed according to the cable requirements, and are installed and used in accordance with each other. With the installation tools, the installation is fast and the construction intensity is reduced.

• Provide data of electrical and mechanical properties required for cable installation. Made of environmental plastics or metal materials with UV resistant, corrosion resistant, high and low temperature resistant, no harmful metal components and no pollution to the environment.


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