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concrete wall anchor should pay attention to four aspects in daily use

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Many of you may have seen a special type of bolt used in decoration or construction, which can be well fixed to a wall or a particular project plane to secure or support other construction materials. This kind of special bolt product is called concrete wall anchor, in fact, it is a more common product, but many people do not know its professional name.During the construction, special care should be taken in the operation process of concrete wall anchor, otherwise it is easy to cause the adverse reaction of follow-up work mistakes. The following four aspects should be paid attention to in the daily use process

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First, it depends on where the anchor bolts are used

From the current situation, this product in the construction and decoration industry is a very common accessories. When using this kind of bolt, we must look at the specific application scene. For example, in some large construction projects, the requirements on the material and bonding surface of the whole concrete wall anchorwill be relatively high.And in the home installs among a few utility such as, because the role that its act the role that perhaps has action to drop somewhat, be in so material qualitative, adhesive reachs the requirement of the respect such as contact face to be able to reduce a bit appropriately. Of course, no matter be engaged in the construction of which kind of circumstance, premise should do the quality safety of whole construction.

Second, pay attention to the use of the substrate

Since anchoring bolts are to be tacked into the background substrate by equipment or by hand, this does not mean that all materials are suitable for the use of this bolt product. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the specific situation of the entire substrate before construction.Under normal circumstances, the requirements of the base material used for many bolt products are relatively high, such as reinforced concrete or plain concrete type of material stress wall to meet the use of this product foundation; Also need to understand the specific strength of the entire substrate, if too weak or too strong can not meet the use of this bolt product. In general, according to the current technical standards, the strength of the whole substrate should not be lower than C20, but should not exceed C60, which should be paid special attention to.

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Third, the choice of bolt materials

In different application scenarios, the material requirements of concrete wall anchor products are also different.Proper selection of a certain material product can not only play a better role, but also help to reduce the material cost of the whole project.Look from the product case on current market, the material of this kind of product basically has the material of a few kinds of mainstream such as tall carbon steel, high intensity stainless steel and anticorrosive stainless steel. This requires the construction personnel in the construction of flexible choice, such as a relatively humid environment will choose to use corrosion-resistant material products, so that can use longer life; The environment outside family interior is bare had better choose stainless steel to pledge material of kind, such unapt affect the aesthetic appearance of whole environment too.


Fourth, pay attention to the use of viscose

In the process of using concrete wall anchor, there must be adhesive.First of all, it should be clear that the filling of this auxiliary material needs to be completed directly in the factory and cannot be taken to the construction site for filling.Secondly, after the completion of the filling must be the performance of the inspection, to avoid the occurrence of adhesive force is not enough, otherwise it will affect the construction quality.

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