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  • Aug
    What is a steel structure anchor bolt

    1. Understanding of construction engineering The upper structure of this project is a steel structure, and the pillars are steel columns. The design drawings require anchor bolts to be embedded in the foundation construction stage for connection with the upper steel columns. This method has the cha

  • Aug
    What are the anchor bolt installation processes

    What is the installation process of anchor bolt? Anchor bolt is the screw rod used to fasten the equipment on the concrete foundation. It is generally used in railway, highway, electric power enterprise, factory, mine, bridge, tower crane, large span steel structure and large building. It has strong

  • Jul
    How to use steel drop In anchor and chemical bolts with each other

    Throughout the forecasting process, the design tensile strength (or on-site tensile strength) of the expansion bolts and chemical bolts produced by the manufacturer whose welding damage matches the compressive strength of the on-site concrete is taken as the basis, and the smaller of the two is sele

  • Jul
    Three uses of anchor bolts

    The three major uses of anchor bolts are Q235 steel, which is round. Rebar (Q345) has high strength, and it is not easy to make a nut thread. For light round anchor bolts, the burial depth is generally 25 times its diameter1. The fixed anchor bolt is also called short anchor bolt. It is poured with

  • Jul
    Use and installation steps of steel anchor bolts

    Expansion anchor bolt use guide When using, you must first drill holes of the corresponding size on the fixed body with an electric impact drill (hammer), and then install the bolts and expansion tubes into the holes, and tighten the nuts to make the bolts, expansion tubes, mounting parts a

  • Jul
    Causes of corrosion of anchor bolt manufacturer

    The reason for the corrosion of anchor bolts manufacturer is the screw rod used to fasten equipment etc. on the concrete foundation.(1) The cause of the medium. Although some anchor bolts are not in direct contact with the medium, for various reasons, corrosive media is likely to be transferred to

  • Jun
    steel drop in anchor usage guide

    When using, you must first drill a hole of the corresponding size on the fixed body with an impact electric drill (hammer), and then install the bolt and the expansion tube into the hole, and tighten the nut to make the bolt, expansion tube, mounting part and the fixed body Inflation and tightness b

  • Jun
    How to use steel drop in anchor and chemical bolts with each other

    How to use expansion bolts and chemical bolts with each other

  • Jun
    How to use steel drop in anchor and chemical bolts with each other

    1. For general building curtain walls, chemical bolts are completely used to calculate embedded parts. There are only two reasons for setting them: First, some big cities clearly do not allow the tension of rising bolts to be applied. In this way, only two chemical bolts were designed according to t

  • Jun
    The principle of steel drop in anchor

    The fixing principle of expansion bolts: The fixing of expansion bolts is to use the slope of the shape to promote the expansion of friction and gripping force to achieve the fixing effect. The screw is threaded at one end and conical at the other. There is a steel skin on the outside, and there are

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